What is the turnaround time (TAT) for online hosting of conference proceedings?

Maximum 6 months from the date of conference.

Where does the accepted manuscript being hosted online?

All the selected and presented manuscripts for the conference proceedings would be hosted online on IEEE Xplore.

Where is my paper being published?

Mahatma Education Society would publish the Abstract book of the accepted manuscripts with an ISBN. Selected full papers will be published on IEEE xplore.

Would my manuscript be assigned a DOI?

Yes, the full PDF version of the selected and presented manuscript would be hosted online and a DOI (Digital Object Identifier) would be assigned to it through ‘CrossRef’.

Does the online hosting be made available as open access?

No, it’s part of IEEE. The manuscript would be made available for viewing and download as per IEEE policies and charges.

Where does the hosted manuscript be indexed?

The article would get indexed in Scopus, Google Scholar and Mendeley author database. Indexing is not the responsibility of the Conference Organizing Committee and depends on the refresh rate of the database and the frequency of query handling for the respective portal. The DOI metadata could be imported to authors’ ORCID profile.

Does the author have to bear any article processing charges for online hosting?

Yes. Authors would be charged the processing fees for the online hosting as indicated in the brochure.

Does the author need to be in a copyright agreement with IEEE?

YES. The same needs to be signed and submitted by all authors or by the corresponding author on their behalf in original to the Conference Chair.

Can the authors be allowed to use the hosted/published work elsewhere?

As per IEEE policies

Do all authors need to register for conference?

At least one author needs to register for the conference. Other authors if they wish to receive the ‘presentation’ certificates and/or intend to sit through the conference and/or allied workshops, need to register as attendees.

What benefits do Authors are entitled for?

Authors of the accepted manuscripts on registration are entitled for Conference Abstract book, Stationary for conference convenience in a kit with session schedules, breakfast, lunch and tea at the conference venue, attend allied workshops and avail certificate of presentation.

What benefits do 'Attendees' are entitled for?

Attendees on registration are entitled for all the benefits which authors are entitled for. Attendee if not a co-author to any of the manuscripts, would be entitled to receive ‘participation’ certificate. Attendees which are co-authors are entitled to receive ‘presentation’ certificates.

Is there any discount on payment of fees at the time of registration which authors of multiple manuscripts can avail on acceptance?

At least one author must register per manuscript. Co-authors can register as attendees. For multiple submissions, authors can jockey the authorship for registration and payment of fees. Attendees need not re-register.

Can outstation authors and attendees request for accommodation?

YES, well in advance if requested at the time of registration, authors and attendees can avail accommodation on sharing basis at nominal charges wherever applicable. It is subject to availability when the request has been made. It’s accommodation only which doesn’t include any meals before or after the conference hours or away from the conference venue.

Is there any page limit for the manuscript and is it necessary to follow a specific template?

YES, 6 pages strictly as per the given manuscript template, the template could be downloaded from the conference website

What could be the possible review process?

On receipt of the manuscript, the organizing team would check its relevance and generate plagiarism report for the Chief Editor’s perusal who if finds the manuscript relevant and well within acceptable limits of similarity index, assigns the handling editor; who in turn would have the manuscript processed for at least 3 peer reviews. Decision on the manuscript would be conveyed to the author via ctfc@mes.ac.in and Microsoft CMT.